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Freshwater Model

Anglers can command precise motor and steering control while seated or standing with the wireless remote. Engage the motor's pinpoint GPS functions, including anchor and jog, route record and playback, heading lock, and cruise control, to optimize kayak/boat control in all angling locations and conditions.

We chose a 50” shaft specifically for Hobie Pro Angler 17T. See the motor head for directional control when seated while keeping the motor depth optimal. Longer shafts can either catch on over hanging trees or be too deep in the water too short and the motor head is not visible over your PA 17 crew.

A built-int 83/00 kHz transducer is standard with the freshwater model.

Motors provides a quiet and smooth ride that will assist anglers in getting to the fish without disturbing them. This model requires MotorGuide QR Bracket (72020100) and Hobie Trolling Motor Mount (72020090) to mount on the Pro Angler 17T.

Includes wireless control right out of the box, durable and reliable, precise steering and control, and very quiet on the water.

Key Features:

  • Anchor Hold

    • Hold position with a touch of a button, no matter how deep

    • “Jog” in precise increments from an anchor point using directional arrows

    • Save/recall up to 8 locations

  • Heading Lock

    • Maintains compass heading navigation

  • Routes

    • Record/recall up to 8 routes of up to 4 miles each

    • Virtually unlimited route record/recall when connected to certain Lowrance fishfinders

  • Cruise Control

    • Maintain a GPS speed while navigating