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Add performance when reaching or running to your Hobie Island. Off-the-wind sailing is typically the slowest point of sail. Add a spinnaker and the Island comes alive! The Hobie spinnaker kit includes a snuffer launching and retrieving bag which makes handling the spinnaker as easy as can be. Simply pull on the halyard line to launch, set the sheet and off you go! To lower, ease off the halyard and pull on the retrieval line. The spinnaker drops and stows directly into the the snuffer system. The kit includes a mast head wind direction vane for use while rigged for the spinnaker. The mast head wind direction vane will help you keep the Island on course for spinnaker sailing. Spinnakers are for broad reaching across the wind to directly sail down wind. They are not for sailing higher angles than a reach across the wind. *May require sail head modification by a sailmaker in older model Islands. Requires several inches of mast above sail head to fit into mast head fitting.

Note: Spinnaker sailing can be challenging and may not be for the novice sailor. We strongly suggest learning to sail your spinnaker in light winds. Once you learn to handle a spinnaker... You are going to LOVE IT! Spinnakers add a whole new dimension to your sailing experience.