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Malone 15' Load Strap, 2PK (with foam buckle sleeve)


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  • Dimensions: 15' (length) x 1" (width)
  • Construction: 1200 lb pull strength polyester webbing
  • Weight: 2 lb
The premium 1" wide, 1200 lb. pull strength, UV resistant polyester load straps feature corrosion resistant cam style buckles. Each strap contains a heavy duty molded rubber buckle protector and an outer neoprene sleeve that guarantees maximum protection for the watercraft and vehicle. 

  • Heavy duty 1" wide webbing with reinforced "cross box" stitching
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized cam style buckle with "no slip" center spring tension 
  • Neoprene buckle padding to avoid damaging the vehicle while loading and unloading
  • Waterproof UV resistant polyester webbing for extended service life
  • Injection molded buckle protector to protect the boat from abrasion during transport
  • One Year Warranty

What's Included
  • (2) 15' Cam Buckle Load Strap